The Critical Voice in Your Head

The Critical Voice in Your Head

Jul 01, 2023

It’s easy to fall into the trap. Into the trap of hearing the voice in your head. The critical voice you think is yours, and is not. Within that echo chamber, it can feel like you are helpless. Desperate. Even useless.

It’s easy to feel like you have no control over anything anymore…

And, therefore, why even try, right?

But let me offer you this...

You are here to live your best life and be unapologetic in the truth of who you are.

No matter what has been in your past, what trauma you have had to face, what issues are you solving. YOU DESERVE THE BEST.

It is often not until you begin to deconstruct beliefs about yourself and where they came from. Do you actually feel you have PERMISSION to move forward with courage, to create what you desire? For anyone who has suffered any type of abuse in life, whether psychological, emotional, sexual or verbal, clarity in this, can be the biggest obstacle.

It all begins with that self-loving, self-discovery. It is the first step to learning how to take care of yourself, first. In my own painful experience and long career in this field, I have found there are certain areas that are key to reclaiming yourself truly and this is the first.

If this is your quest but you seem to be lost in terms of where to even begin, use your chance to join me for a 1:1 call

And, believe me, it can be the beginning of a MAJOR transformation. Yes, your whole life can change after this decision. 

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