Have you considered getting 1:1 support in your healing journey after being in emotionally abusive or narcissistic relationships?


This is where we rise like a phoenix from the flames! You CAN be fulfilled and happy, and you absolutely DESERVE the JUICY life you imagined. You are WORTHY of every drop.

Erika Leon - Trauma Informed Coach, Narcissistic Relationship Support, Abusive Relationship Recovery

And before anything else, I want to say - CONGRATULATIONS. This is your first step to freedom from abusive relationship cycles. Even though it might not feel like it just yet, better things are coming!

My guess is that you’re still reading this because one or several of the following reasons...

Erika Leon - Trauma Informed Coach, Narcissistic Relationship Support, Abusive Relationship Recovery

… traumatic relationships have left you feeling lost and broken

… you feel like you’re stuck in the neverending circle of narcissistic relationships and it’s just how it’s meant to be for you (it’s definitely not!!)

your boundaries are nonexistent and you’re a people pleaser, saying “no!” is the hardest thing! 

… you feel like you need to be strong for everyone else so you have no time to tend to your needs, become vulnerable and explore your inner self

you WANT to live a beautiful, fulfilled life but have never felt further from actually making it happen

If you’re nodding your head as you’re reading through the list - please know that you’ve come to the right place.


You will be able to identify the core source of the trauma and learn to untangle it all, step by step. You’ll be getting actionable tips and ongoing support, adjusted to your specific needs. We’ll work with your real-life situations and you’ll feel a lot more ready for any challenges.

If it feels like the right thing to do, start by booking a Discovery call!



My name is Erika and I will be your catalyst for change

In my experience, focusing on the mind alone will not bring complete healing and empowerment. Which is why I base my support in trauma-informed modalities, with a holistic focus. 

Equal attention must be paid to tending to the root of us : examining childhood attachment and wounding, how you were loved, your trauma, your spirit, implementing somatic and experiential practices that care for your nervous system, reconnecting with intuition, clearing patterns and deconstructing unconscious thinking, beliefs and conditioning.

And that’s exactly what we’ll do in these sessions! 

Erika Leon - Trauma Informed Coach, Narcissistic Relationship Support, Abusive Relationship Recovery

Starting this healing work with me is your chance to 

  • Feel EMPOWERED to truly be you, stop walking on eggshells around others, stop people pleasing
  • Face your traumas and past experiences head on, and learn how to move into post traumatic growth
  • Experience DEEP transformation and a truly immersive experience that will help you to see yourself in another, more powerful light
  • Work with your inner child, learn to set boundaries that WORK
  • Get ready to love and be loved again, in the way that you truly deserve

If you say YES to this, you’re taking a major step closer to feeling happy and content, and learning how to build a life you love, in a way that feels true with all parts of you.


You’ll open up the doors to being the person you know that you are inside. You’ll become the key inspiration in your own life, and stand powerfully in who you are and what you deserve. 

You now have the opportunity to choose 1:1 Coaching Sessions only, OR get All-Inclusive Support with in between session access included!


Erika is a jewel!

She is gentle and kind when opening the doors to your pain and will hand you the keys to unlocking and healing your trauma.

- JJ

This woman is magic...

Erika has a real talent for helping people and I can’t thank her enough. 

Christie P, Tampa, FL

This work will change you.

You have nothing to lose but your fears and feelings of shame.

- Pam T, Florida


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Are you ready to take the leap? 

Save your spot for 1:1 high-level coaching!

Now you have an opportunity to choose 1:1 Coaching Sessions only OR get full All-Inclusive Support with inbetween session access included!

5 x  Coaching Sessions


5 x high-level 1:1 coaching sessions, flexible to your schedule.


10 x Coaching Sessions


10 x high-level 1:1 coaching sessions, flexible to your schedule.



All-Inclusive Support


A unique opportunity to get high-level 1:1 coaching sessions AND full in-between session Voxer support.

Get day-to-day support through hard situations with on-the-spot advice. Support in standing your ground, setting boundaries, somatic work support in a day-to-day basis. This offer is fully personalized, based on your specific needs and situations. 

The offer includes 12 x coaching calls over the period of 3 - 6 months and unlimited Voxer support in between. 

* Checkout will be deactivated when the limited quarterly spots are filled, and you will be added to the waitlist. 


All packages include:

  • 1:1 High-Level Coaching

  • Flexible to your schedule

  • Practical actions and recommendations

  • Trauma-Informed safe space 

  • Individually tailored program for your personal needs - using multiple modalities including NLP and somatic practices

Erika Leon - Trauma Informed Coach, Narcissistic Relationship Support, Abusive Relationship Recovery

Ten years ago my reality was a lot different from today. Some might see now, a fearless, strong-willed woman who has turned pain into power. But if you’d seen where I was back then, you’d see a completely different picture.

After a highly successful corporate career, then co-founding an 8 figure business with who I thought was the love of my life and best friend ; I found myself blindsided by double betrayal and the entire house of cards falling.

Discarded and fighting for my life, what followed I could never have imagined, and left me feeling destroyed emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Despite having children who relied on and needed me, I got to the point I felt the world might be better off without me in it…As it seemed too much to fight through.

A conversation with my eldest son was the wake-up call that changed everything. I realized that I needed to rise up and learn to reclaim the power within myself.

It used to be there once. I was sure I could find it again. And so I did.

I started to recognize the abusive patterns that were present in my relationships. I had not been able to imagine this was my story, as I was so successful in so many areas. The world does not see you as a victim of abuse if you look like you have your s**t together. This is a myth. I was determined to dive deep and pull back the curtain on everything I thought I knew.

I invested in myself, built the exact support I needed, and turned back radically toward myself and my brave voice.

Erika Leon - Trauma Informed Coach, Narcissistic Relationship Support, Abusive Relationship Recovery

I have now spent years deconstructing and changing my beliefs from the root, and I want that for you too.

It is powerful, epic and f**king necessary today. Not just for relationships, but for how you show up in the world and what you get to be, do and have. 

I remember clearly the first time I felt able to speak up with courage, take control of my situation and advocate powerfully for myself and children.

It felt fantastic, like a sleeping giant within me was stirring and I have been doing it ever since, and it grows stronger by day.

Now, I am here to guide YOU in this journey of awakening. Of healing, finding and loving yourself. As I learned to rise from the darkest depths, you can too.

Erika Leon - Trauma Informed Coach, Narcissistic Relationship Support, Abusive Relationship Recovery

Are you ready to take charge of your life?

Despite how scary and unclear the path ahead might seem to you right now, it takes a guide with the map and proven real-life way out of this jungle, to bring you back home