Where to start the journey of healing after abusive relationships?

Where to start the journey of healing after abusive relationships?

Sep 04, 2022

Finding the light at the end of narcissistic or abusive relationships is challenging... Where to start the journey of healing after abusive relationships?

I know for a fact that it's possible for you. And I also know that you have all the power within you to get through this.

You CAN do it all on your own.

But do you have to? 🤔


You don't have to rebuild your life all alone! 

Imagine any impactful event, any big thing one can do in a lifetime. Raise a kid, build a house, start a charity. It all involves the support of others. It takes a village, as they say...

So why do you think you have to deal with "your own sh*t" (pardon my french) all on your own? 🤷‍♀️

Let me not get into all the cheesy quotes on how a shared pain is half of it and yadda yadda...

Sure, there is a fair share of heartbreak and pain you have to go through all on your own. You have to do the mindset work. You have to actually get yourself out of the bed. Push yourself to take the action.

But it all truly can be WAY easier if you have a supportive tribe along with you, going through the same journey or possibly embracing the "been there, done that" vibes 💥


Where to find a supportive tribe? 

👉 It takes a village to raise yourself up and often the best village can be found online.

Mostly because that online tribe won't require putting on the pants to meet them... But also because it gives you more time, more freedom, more accessibility.

If you are ready to take a MAJOR step forward in your transformation process, you will want to join our own online tribe: Rise the F Up Membership! 😍

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