The importance of having support in the abuse recovery journey

The importance of having support in your recovery journey

Mar 07, 2023

Are you going through narcissistic abuse recovery? Have you been a victim of emotionally abusive relationships? Having support in the recovery journey is crucial and here will be a few reasons why to consider it and how to find the right space for that. 


The importance of having support in the abuse recovery journey  

There are many reasons why having support in the abuse recovery journey can be a key game-changer. Here are just some of them to consider: 

One of the most profound after-effects of abusive relationships (which includes all types of non-physical abuse and coercive control also) is that the abuser has slowly broken down your sense of self.

You can then find it really hard to trust yourself and your own choices and have confidence in your thoughts. Having a skilled, trauma-informed abuse recovery expert to guide you and stand beside you means -

  • You will be guided through your doubts and fears, so that you can trust yourself again
  • You will be shown how you can come back to yourself and that you have all the resources inside to rise up and find your courageous badass self
  • You will have someone to vent to, as the world at large does not understand abuse dynamics, and it can be harmful to deal with the ignorant reactions
  • You will have somebody to “vent with” and more importantly - someone who KNOWS how it is to have been in your shoes. This is not a subject you become an expert in, through book knowledge. 
  • You will be able to see your situation from another perspective. This can open you up to new and actionable solutions, and that is what we’re here for!!


How to find support in the abuse recovery journey 

The world these days really is your oyster, as long as you are discerning about keeping within a healthy support environment that is ‘survivor-centric’. Any group or practitioner that is not knowledgeable on abuse dynamics, tries to in any way, put blame on the survivor or telling them to ‘forgive their abuser’ or that it takes ‘two to tango’ - stay away from! 

Here are some to consider 

Support groups in your area

Seeking support in your area can be a challenging but also incredibly rewarding step when you are ready. Meeting face-to-face takes courage, and I would not recommend it in all cases, depending where you are in your recovery journey and the situation with your personal safety and status within the relationship. Often, people dealing with the kind of huge awakening that tends to take place upon realizing you are in an abusive relationship (and the journey to leaving and recovery) are far more inclined to find online meetings a safe way to find their feet and maintain privacy. This is why a very secure survivor-centric space is so important. You can not only get support in your recovery journey, but also meet lifelong friends and truly build your own tribe. 



Yes, we do have a free online community space for narcissistic abuse recovery support, emotional abuse recovery, divorce and betrayal, empowerment. We do monthly Live calls and can always connect in the Discussion space as well. This might be your chance to “dip your toe” in a supportive abuse recovery space and see what you can get from it. 


Join our Rise the F Up Membership 

This is a level-up from our free community and along with Live support, you will also be getting some additional coaching sessions, guides and resources. You can learn more about it here! 


Relevant FB groups

Please note that Facebook groups might not always be as safe per se - after all, anyone can join one! But if you’re not too concerned about that, research some of the keywords on Facebook and see what comes up!

Does the whole "group setting" thing make you shiver?

I get it! Sometimes showing up in any kind of a group setting - but especially ONLINE - can be really challenging. There’s just something about not being face-to-face that makes it somewhat unusual. (Although thanks to Corona many of us have learned to embrace it as well)...

If you feel unsure about showing up in online groups, don't let it stop you at least giving it a go with some of our group spaced. Because often that group setting can be the actual game-changer.

I've had nothing but 5-star reviews for making people feel welcome, for expertise and communication, sharing way above and beyond the usual content and support that people imagined would be available in group calls and building a community. 

Even if you’re somewhat shy and turning on the camera alone is a challenge (you don’t necessarily have to, by the way!!)...

Or if you’ve never done any kind of Lives and have not the smallest clue how to…

Whatever is the case, hear me out:

Having group support in this kind of journey can bring you to a whole other transformation!!

I have led a ton of different group programs and hosted online support groups and workshops for so many years. All with wonderful people that have often become close and remain friends to this day.  The perspectives shared, and the bond that comes from going through the same thing feels like being seen and heard. This can be life-changing.

Plus this is the kind of space where you can form truly meaningful connections with others as well as you’re all sharing the same journey and can relate with each other deeply.

That alone is a wonderful thing to experience!

Along with all of that, of course, there’s my guidance that will get you through each of the sessions and also give you personalized advice, where needed.

It takes courage to show up and do the work but I’m sure you’re ready to take this leap!

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