Do narcissists feel guilty?

Do narcissists feel guilty?

Oct 01, 2023

Do you ever feel the pressure to “make it right” with the narcissist/abuser?

Society puts a lot of emphasis on mending the fence…

But is it even possible with a person who has harmed you so detrimentally? Will they ever have an actual, honest realization of being wrong?

Do narcissists feel guilty?


In most cases, they have fully convinced themselves that YOU are the problem and they are right. This has been proven by polygraph tests.

You can hope for a teachable moment… but most narcissists won’t experience that…

So do you need to try for it? NO.


If somebody is truly sorry, they will act WITHOUT EGO. Taking action on things to put it right. They are NOT trying to justify their behavior. They actually CARE about your experience, they want to put themselves in your shoes.

They WON’T EXPECT you to be with them or forgive them. They actually strive to be better, and know if what is healthy and safe for you is to be away from them - that is what they want for you. They will make reparations and love you from a distance with no expectation of return.

And most abusers won’t ever actually do that.

One “sorry” doesn’t change anything. You’re still allowed to feel the way you feel, and do not override your intuitive warning, no matter who tells you to.


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