Critical parenting will make you feel like love is conditional

Critical parenting will make you feel like love is conditional

Sep 01, 2023

Have you grown up with a critical parent?

As a kid you’re taught to be everything for everybody, to perform specific actions to get love and attention, to avoid creating a mess or fuss, or it might be followed up by punishment in the form of not having the validation you seek as a child.


Harsh/critical parenting in your childhood will make you think love is conditional.

You will get your worth when you do what you’re told, or what you’ve been trained to do to ‘please’.

And you yourself are at the bottom of your list. Your internal system feels it needs to hide parts of who you really are, to get your needs met (ergo - survive).

This results in it feeling very difficult to take care of yourself, and unnatural to have clear boundaries. Even feeling like you know what you need, or that you have a right to that.

You grow up not knowing what to do when someone is happy with you just BEING YOU.

Having boundaries, rest and time alone feels unnatural.


Take a day to do what makes you happy. Embrace that YOU CAN DO IT. Guilt-free.

It can be challenging at first but it will get easier the more you do it. It’s just another opportunity to prove your inner child that you’re listening.


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