Are you in a narcissistic relationship?

  • How to recognize being with a narcissist?
  • What are the red flags in their behavior, and the clues buried in the way you feel about yourself around them?

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Erika Leon

A Trauma-Informed Life Coach and Counselor, Master NLP Practitioner, Intuitive, Abuse Advocate, Phoenix from the Flames and Badass British Mom of 5 boys. 

I am a regular human. Not a model, not young, not cool, not wearing a rancher hat or making a duck face. I am too old and too happy to give many f*@ks. However, it was not always that way.

It is my mission to educate and empower people all over the world, while keeping it real and having some fun. Come join me, the only thing you have to lose are F@*KS! 

Erika xo