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1:1 All Inclusive Coaching Program : 3 - 6 Month Support

Prefer to have a 3x payment plan? Enroll in it here!

High-Level Concierge Style Full Support Coaching Program. 

What you'll get:

  • 12 hours of 1:1 coaching sessions over the period of 3 - 6 months 
  • Unlimited 1:1 Voxer or text support between the mesages
  • Call recording (audio or visual) for your reference with recommendations and resources.
  • Personalized homework to help you with your specific challenges 
  • Initial evaluation and assessment for program intake, deep dive.
  • Personalized homework assignments, book recommendations, psychological exercises, meditations, personalized affirmations, journal prompts, prayers and Intuitive hits and guidance.

*Session frequency to be determined based on client needs - 3 - 6 month duration.

Once payment is complete, I will reach out to you and send all intake materials, agreement and calls scheduled, yay!

I am so happy to welcome you in and transform your journey with you! 🔥

What People Are Saying:

Erika is a jewel! She is gentle and kind when opening the doors to your pain and will hand you the keys to unlocking and healing your trauma. She is thought-provoking all the while leading you on a journey that will set you free. The words that I'm writing could never express my gratitude for what she's done for me or how she's changed my life. I will never be the same again. If you're reading this and thinking about sessions with Erika, this is your sign....just do it! - JJ

JJ, Tampa

This woman is magic. Erika has a real talent for helping people and I can't thank her enough. I love how there's no bullshit in her groups, how much we learn and how open and practical it is. I've been in narcissistic relationships for as long as I can remember, causing such low self-esteem and confusion. Since working with Erika on boundaries, I stand up for my needs and desires. I choose myself and feel powerful. I am more of a Badass than I ever dreamed and know whatever comes I can deal with it. Do it.… you won't regret it. This is a gift for your whole life. Christie P, Tampa, FL

Christie P, Tampa

"YOU have the most beautiful energy and warmth which has changed so many people's lives, including myself obviously!!! You are truly a beautiful being inside and out! I was thinking back on this time last year, in the midst of the ridiculous shitstorm which I never could have pulled through without you!!! It's amazing how much meeting you has changed my life and knowing where I am now! I know you have a very similar effect on SO MANY. So, you are truly like our guardian angel!!! Can't express how grateful I am for you and our work together xoxox

Jennifer, NYC

In Aug of 2021, I learned my wife of 15 years had been carrying on a 7-month relationship with a co-worker. I found their social media posts gloating over their "secret" and another man calling my wife his "girlfriend" on their TikTok videos. Other than our kids, I had no other family or friends to talk to, she moved out and left me with all the debt and a house I cannot easily sell to move. Even after I found out, she still played us both and wanted two relationships and would lie about anything to create her new reality as I constantly begged her to "take me back" and stop seeing him permanently. I cried every day and night even though she was the one who betrayed me for so long and continued another relationship. Erika was (and still is) the best counsel I have in this world, even if we don't talk daily. I always hear her teachings in my head. She literally is an angel with a badass accent, sent to empower us with boundaries. There are great people in this world who give everything they have for others. Don't give up and don't make this any harder on yourself. You're only 2 months away from complete happiness once you understand what's happening to you. They'll never change. Only distance, time, and allowing Erika to educate you about the process will fix it. I no longer have any desire for my ex but its been a long process and doesn't happen overnight. You will need her to guide you with her knowledge, experience, and love. Now I laugh at the thought of ever giving my ex my valued attention again, and having more fun working on my own career goals/self and perhaps one day I'll have the opportunity to invite a beautiful human being into my happy world again. -Happy, Grateful, and Free

Jeff, Kentucky